A few days ago (October 13th) the headlines of many news sites in Israel cried: “UNESCO voted that there is no connection between the Temple Mount and the Judaism”. Afterwards, the Facebook was full of people posting about the matter, saying that UNESCO is a group of anti-Semite people, that are against Israel and the Jewish people living here. But… I didn’t hurry to believe them.

Before talking about the news-reporting, I want to talk about The Temple Mount. Today there are three main Muslim monuments located on The Temple Mount: the al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock and the Dome of the Chain. But I want to make sure that you all know that The Temple Mount is also holy to the Jewish people, because before those three monuments existed, the Holy Temple existed there and it is without a doubt the most holy monument for the Jews. The Muslim monuments were built on the Temple Mount only after the Second Holy Temple was demolished around 70 A.D.  That is why many Jewish people want to pray on The Temple Mount. Because it is also holy to them. Sadly, it seems that many Muslims do not want to allow Jews to pray on The Temple Mount, because they refuse to believe that the Holy Temple existed there before their monuments. The Temple Mount is one of the main reasons that we fight here in Israel. Very sadly.

But let’s get back to the UNESCO decision. So the headlines cried: “UNESCO claims there is not connection between Judaism and The Temple Mount.”

I’ve been working in the journalism field for about five years now and I’ve learned never to trust the headlines nor, in some cases, the contents.

Anyway… I felt that the headlines regarding the UNESCO decision were crazy, over-exaggerating. So I searched for a copy of the original decision and read it myself. And WOW! I found no sentence claiming that there is no connection between the Jews and The Temple Mount. Overmore, there was a sentence saying that The Old City was holy to all religions. I really hate it, when people try to find hidden statements between the lines. Because the decision didn’t say explicitly that The Temple Mount is connected to the Jews, then people decided that UNESCO claimed that there is no connection. We just wanted to find a reason to cry about the way the world treats us.

So… I hope that news reporters will stop to exaggerate. They’re lighting a fire where there shouldn’t be one. Without them, we might live in a much more peaceful atmosphere.

By the way, we just finished Yom Kippur and Sukot, two main holidays in Israel. I don’t have much to write about them. I came to visit my parents and met some relatives, and that’s that. Maybe next time.