A few minutes ago I stumbled upon a post titled: “Video: “Let him die” say Israelis as Palestinian boy lays bleeding”.  In that post the writer wrote that this Palestinian boy allegedly stabbed and wounded a Jewish Israeli man. Yes, the Palestinian boy was shot dead by a policeman and yes, some witnesses of the event cried “Let him die”, aand yes – the Palestinian boy stabbed and wounded a Jewish Israeli man. He didn’t do it allegedly. He really did it. And some other Palestinian boys and girls stabbed and killed Jewish Israeli people (and some tourists too). Not allegedly. They actually did it.


A few days ago the whole family sat and watched the news. It starts at 8 p.m. every evening here in Israel. And we saw a video of another young Palestinian stabbing people, and Israeli witnesses were shouting to shoot him, to stop him from killing others. And someone shot him and the witnesses were shouting that the Palestinian was a “Fucker” and that he should die and that no one should call an ambulance. We had a really loud talk about it, our family. I thought that those people could have shut up and not shouted all those awful things while the Palestinian was dying, Because he was already dying. But my Mom said that it was OK to shout those things, because he was a terrorist and those people were just taking out their anger, frustration and fear.

Yeah, we also have debates about this situation, not just people from abroad. But the young Palestinians that come and stab people are not innocent and I hate that people show them that way. They did not allegedly stab and wound and kill people. They really stabbed and wounded and killed people. Maybe they were brainwashed before doing those things, because after all, they are usually very young, but they are still not innocent. They are not the only victims. Both sides are victims. Victims of terror.


When I was travelling in South Africa I met a young Israeli woman in one of the Backpackers. In one of the evenings we sat with two other foreigners and somehow started talking about politics and the situation in Israel. One of the foreigners said that she would never shoot a person, even if he intruded into her home. We asked her if she would have shot him if he was threatening her with a knife and she said that she wouldn’t have used a weapon in any situation, because she wouldn’t have learned to use a weapon anyway. “But if you would have learned how to use a weapon,” we kept trying, “Would you have stopped him from injuring you?”

When the woman kept on sticking to her opinion, that she will not hurt the man that was threatening her with a knife, the Israeli woman started crying. “A few days before I came to South Africa a good friend of mine died. He was sitting in his restaurant in Tel Aviv and this crazy Arab came in and shot all over the place. And my friend died. He was such a good man, he never hurt anyone. He was such a great soul, always wanted to help people,” tears spread over her face, “And that Arab just came and killed him, for nothing. With no real reason. He just took his life away. For what? I don’t understand how can you say that you won’t hurt a person that wants to come and hurt you.”

The woman tried to calm her: “Of course I don’t understand your situation fully. I’m not saying who is right or wrong. I just can’t imagine myself dealing with this situation.”

That man really died, by the way. He was that young woman’s friend. She was at his funeral. Alon Bakal. Not allegedly. 


I’m really sorry that I’m not posting things connected to backpacking in Israel yet. I just felt that I had to write this post first.

For info about the situation in Israel at the moment – read “Our Terror Wave“.